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                   Passionate Individual Therapist and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist

                               ABOUT ME

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope the information below provides guidance during your search for the most compatible individual/couples therapist. I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in three states; Colorado, Florida, and Illinois.  I have worked with children through older adults within partial hospitalization programs, outpatient settings, and currently my private practice in downtown Aspen.  I have been practicing with competence in the areas of individual and couples therapy. My Master's degree (graduated 1994) is from Loyola University of Chicago, plus a two year post-graduate training program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. My treatment modalities are evidence based and include (but not limited to): Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Behavioral Activation, Insight-Oriented Therapies and a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS). In addition, I am a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist (the only one in Roaring Fork Valley).  This is an evidenced based couples treatment teaching the skills you need to thrive as a couple so that my job becomes obsolete.

For more information on the Gottman Couple Method attached is a link: .         

I believe effective communication is a cornerstone of a good relationship, careful listening, and I provide a caring and accepting place to my clients and couples. I am very hands on and directive in my practice.  I have a goal to teach with each session and to leave you with learning objectives and methods to practice between sessions. I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping you.  When I am not in the office I enjoy outdoor activities, movies, reading and keeping engaged and active with my three children's lives and spending precious time with my husband of twenty-six years. 


Please note, I am not contracted with insurance companies. I would be considered an out of network provider for therapy services.  So you may want to check with your carrier regarding their reimbursement to you. If available, I offer a limited number of sliding fee appointments.

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                                                       INDIVIDUAL THERAPY

                                                   Take good care of yourself. You deserve it.

                                                             Top 3 Questions Individuals Ask Me about Therapy.


#1. Starting Therapy: How to Prepare for My First Session.

  1. Set an intention. First up, it helps to have a bit of a think around what you're looking to get out of therapy.

  2. Give yourself a break. Feeling awkward is fine.

  3. Be as open as possible. Most of us spend our days living in our head and not our feelings...

  4. Listen to your gut. Take note of how your therapist made you feel. Study after study shows that successful therapy depends on the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client.

  5. I will provide you with a login password upon scheduling an appointment to complete the paperwork on my website and bring with you. 

#2 How often do I meet with you? How much do you charge? How long are the sessions?

It's traditional to meet weekly. Once we get started we can have continuing conversations on your needs and how often it benefits you.

Rates are $200.00 and it is a 50-55 minute session.

#3 If I have a problem like this________, how do you approach it?

Generally, I have an integrative approach. I do use a combination of evidenced based modalities and insight-oriented work. It's important to understand that it's not a "one size fits all", its customized based on your needs. We will be deciding together on your treatment goal and treatment approach.

Common humanity considers we all struggle in our lives, some times more than other times.  I believe strongly it's important not to be alone in it. As a trained and licensed, caring, professional I can help. I have years of providing good care, including, but not limited too: anxiety, stress, and worry; depression, mild and moderate; loss and grief; building self-worth and confidence.  I can also help individuals and couples with relationship struggles, coping with divorce, or family/parenting stress. The life events that are emotionally painful.

If you seek treatment that is not within my scope of the practice, I will gladly provide referrals to a qualified colleague.  In addition, you can seek a second opinion from another therapist or terminate therapy at any time.

                                CERTIFIED GOTTMAN METHOD COUPLES THERAPY

                                                           Embrace your relationship challenges.

                                               Top 3 Questions Couples Ask Me About Couples Therapy.


#1  How Long Does Couples Therapy take?

I am what is called a brief therapist for couples. I am interested in teaching you the skills you need to thrive as a couple so that you and your partner have the confidence to manage and maintain your own relationship happiness.  Most happy couples who have successful therapy have done so around 20ish sessions, but therapy is a customized  approach.  At times, some couples return briefly for relationship tune-ups.

#2  What's the commitment to Couples therapy?

I like to meet with couples every week than gradually less often.  This gives you plenty of time to work on what you and your partner have learned and practice between the sessions. Plus, it's more cost effective.  Couple's therapy sessions are 275.00 for 90 minutes. 

In addition, Gottman Method Couples Therapy can help couples with MiniMarathon Sessions (3-4 hours) or Marathon day appointments (7-8 hours with lunch break). These are intensive, yet designed for busy couples or couples who want this help. This approach requires prior meeting and initial assessment. These are booked in advance so I can block out the times this requires.  At this time, insurance doesn't cover the cost.

#3 Can you change us?

No, you can change your relationship. I am committed to your goals. If your goal is to transform your relationship for the better, I will help with that.  I will provide the 40 years plus of research done by Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman that identifies the happy vs. unhappy couples.  You will learn the 7 aspects that satisfied relationships have which includes "nuts and bolts" methods to maintaining and restoring friendship and intimacy, improving communications, managing conflicts and any other vulnerabilities your relationship may have.  I will help you do that.  Yet, what happens in-between sessions improves the relationship.  In addition, I have also completed a specialized Gottman Method Training on treating affairs and trauma.

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Tele-Therapy & Online Therapy

I have extensive training to work with individuals and couples through video conferencing/tele-therapy.  The benefit is you get to relax in the comfort in your own home. Online therapy frees you with the hassles of traffic, parking, and childcare. For online therapy we need to assess if it is an appropriate option for you.  It's not for everyone. To receive online therapy Colorado must be your place of residence.

Call me to find out more.

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              SCHEDULE A SESSION

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